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Tamar Dayan – Naturopath & Educator
E-mail: tamhealings@gmail.com, Mobile # 0448 886 692


Bio – Summary

Naturopath & Educator

  • Professional Educator, Trainer and Curriculum Designer & Developer
  • Conducted workshops, courses & assessments, validations & RPL processes
  • Successfully managed own small business for the last 11 years
  • Over 20 years’ work experience in Management, Training, Administration, Procurement, Sales and Marketing roles
  • Professionally qualified and skilled in a wide range of Natural Therapies
  • Achieved the requisite experience and qualifications (including Cert IV TAE40110) to deliver training in topics such as:
  • Self-Development and Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication skills & skills development
  • Stress Management
  • Remedial & Therapeutic massage and the Art of Touch
  • Business administration and office skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Promoting small businesses
  • Customer service (hospitality, retail industries and food industries)

Tammy is a qualified Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist, Business Trainer and Massage coach who’s been involved in the healing arts for the last 11 years. Tammy specializes in Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Addictive behavior. Since long there has been a continuous search for newer and harmless methods to cope with stress and stress-induced diseases. Various therapeutic methods of Naturopathy are found to minimize the effects of stress such as: anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic lethargy, infectious diseases and neuro-hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, migraines, mood swings, etc. In her treatments & workshops Tam is teaching practical techniques to reduce stress in a fun and interactive learning environment.
Tam is an experienced Therapist, Healer, Educator, Business Mentor and Group Leader. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and offers various workshops for those who are keen to learn practical ways of coping with stress, anxiety & depression; for both private clients and the corporate world.

Today, Tam is focusing on the teachings of self-love; How to shift existential suffering & pain to existential joy and offers vibrational & colour therapies treatments; Integrating Emotional/Energy Release methods, channeling and higher consciousness wisdom.


Qualifications: MBA, B.Ed, Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Diploma of Business, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Shiatsu and various certificates in Watsu and aquatic bodywork therapies.

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