About my system


“Self-love training” program consists of 8 consecutive treatments. The multidisciplinary treatment begins with introduction and conversation, discussing medical history, expectations, needs and desires.

The treatment integrates elements from several modules in the field of natural medicine, such as:

  • Colour therapy and clearing of energy blockages through the chakras
  • Sound Healing – for energy cleansing & alignment
  • Acupressure – pressure points along the meridians
  • Advanced techniques in bodywork therapy
  •  Reiki and Energy Balance
  • Guided imagery and conscious breathing
  • Channeling and spiritual guidance
  • Music, Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Reconnecting with your higher self & inner child
  • Redesigning thought patterns for daily practice at home

During the session the patient will be lying on a treatment table and the treatment will be interactive throughout the session either by touch or verbally. During treatment, patients may experience energetic & emotional release that may result in giggling, laughter, crying or other vocal expressions. During emotional release physical sensations may also be present, like: tingling, shivering, shaking, buzzy electric sensation and more.

The treatment is unique to every patient and constructed according to the needs of the patient.

Sound Healing and Colour Therapy

Elfen Chakra Chimes are individual hand crafted energy chime bars, available in the colors of the rainbow. They are tuned to the scale of C major, which are most widely accepted as the chakra frequencies. They can be used for chakra balancing, energy clearing and a deeply relaxing sound massage. Each chime may be placed on the corresponding chakra or gently moved through the aura. The incredible resonance of the energy chimes helps to focus the mind in meditation.

We all hold a certain vibrational frequency, and our bodies are estimated to be about 70% water. Musical frequencies could also alter our own vibrational state. Every expression through sound, emotion, or thought holds a specific frequency that influences everything around it — much like a single drop of water can create a larger ripple effect in a large body of water.




Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls are created in a unique way and are made from silica sand that is pure quartz. When the bowls are created they are either clear or frosted.Crystal Bowls are created to play a certain frequency.

The pure and beautiful tone of crystal bowls produces a vibrational sound that helps to align your chakras and are frequently used for chakra meditation.

The sounds resonate and correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers on the body and help to heal the listener by bringing pure light through sound and the effects are multiplied when played through a high quality quartz crystal bowl.



***Shorter and / or ‘one time off’ treatments are offered in accordance to your needs. channeling & soul guidance are available via Skype.

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