The 8 Commitments of Self-Love Training




 Self love contract


I, __________________________, hereby commit to love myself, respect myself and trust myself as long as I live!


  1. I commit to give myself the optimal conditions to grow and expand.
  2. I have responsibility to listen to my self at all levels and act upon my real wishes for my own health & well-being.
  3. I am obligated to answer my physical, mental and emotional needs.
  4. I commit to respect and honor my body.
  5. I commit to live my life in passion, joy and total freedom.
  6. I commit to lead myself to my own path and express my true self.
  7. I commit to accept myself as I am and forgive myself for past mistakes & failures.
  8. I commit to be kind, soft and caring towards myself.



Signature________________            Date:___________________

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