Self-love Training – Intro

Knock… knock… who’s there?

You Know!

You Know Who?


Do you remember your favourite game as a child?  My favourite game involved the senses. Sitting in a circle with my eyes closed. Through the sound of the other kid’s voice I had to identify the one who pats my back and says: “Knock…knock…who am I and what’s my name?”

I remember feeling excited, thrilled, curious and pure joy. Now, let’s play!

It is my pleasure to welcome you here. Where there is no pleasure – there is no motivation, therefor – no movement!  And movement, as we know, is essential to create a change.

I am Tamar Dayan – Naturopathic holistic therapist & Educator, who specializes in depression, anxiety and stress. Healing through the use of energy alignment via meridians, chakras and emotional release bodywork therapies. Lecturer in various areas of soul-body connection, Emotional energy release, Business (what’s the connection? Apparently there is one). Self-development, awareness and consciousness, emotional intelligence and personal empowerment. Today I’m focusing on Self-love Training.

I’m Australian and Israeli; a hybrid creature, ‘Ozriely’ (Australian/Israeli) who communicate in ‘Hebrish’ (Hebrew/English). Although my home base these days is in Australia, what I have to give to the world goes beyond any geographical borders. Few of my passions, or ‘what motivates me to fly?’ are: languages and literature (Hebrew mainly), photography, writing and music. What motivates you to fly?

My story

“Can you describe how it feels…depression?” she asked softly

“It feels like a dead end,

Like the end of the road,

Like a black hole,

Like the bottom of the pit.

Without a lifeline,

No air to breath,

Without any power to ask for help,

Unable to move.

It feels heavy, painful, empty, demanding, crippling, as a swampy mud.

The unbearable pain, an abysmal loneliness.

It feels like you don’t exist, no future, no purpose.

There is nothing”.

Almost 20 years have passed since the initial treatment with Dr. Aviva Ben Sira, a clinical psychologist who integrates art therapy & conscious dreaming. Graceful, extraordinary therapist/angel who’d showed me how to turn on the light by myself, in myself.

What is my Blog about?

How to live with depression, anxiety & stress; How we can change existential sadness to existential joy; How to detoxify yourself from darkness; Yes, such an addiction exists.

It might sound odd to learn to love yourself…isn’t it natural? Well it is, but…

More to follow – in my blog; Practical tools for self-love – uncompromising, authentic, soft and empowering.



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