Honey, I’m home!

Honey, I’m home!

Imagine coming home.

How does your home look like from the outside? What’s the location? As you enter your home, what is the first thing you notice? Which smells rise in the air, what style of furniture and what are the dominant colours? Who is at home? How it feels at home; Comfortable and safe or threatening and limiting? What changes should be made to make your home feel exactly as you want it? Do you like your home? If not, recreate it. It’s simpler than you think.

The concept of ‘home’ has a different meaning for all of us. Some of us regard it by its geographical location – a country, a city, a street. For others ‘home’ is family, friends, close people. For some, spiritual connection is home; or music, creativity, art. For others objects and possessions are home.  For a lot of people food and cooking smells represent home. All of it is home. For some, death is home. However, our focus now is on life!

For me, all aspects of Love are home. The day I began to love myself, I felt at home. My body is my home and this is my starting & my ending point; the body! When I feel good within myself, I feel good anywhere in the world. Our inside radiates out. When it’s hard and painful for us, we want to go home. What do we really want? To feel safe, taken care of, and just be.

If we look deeper into the foundations of the body as a home, these are some of the questions that require an answer:

Do you love / respect / appreciate your body?

Who will you allow to enter your precious home? Friends (Healthy food, physical activity, positive thoughts) or enemies (cigarette smoke, junk food, alcohol, negative thoughts). Why do we knowingly bring home harmful substances and ticking bombs?

What is the source of the uncontrollable need to destroy our ‘self’? For me this is the most important question of all, as it helped me greatly to know myself.

Do you listen to your body’s needs (when you want to rest) or ignore it (when you’re tired and sore)?

How do you treat your body / home?

How well do you know your body (external and internal)?

What are you addicted to? Addictive behaviour is a broad subject that holds tremendous importance on a thin line between self-hatred and self-love. Sometimes, we are looking for external and temporary relief that will ease the pain, fill the void, remove fear, and soften the sharpness of reality. The relief is immediate but also illusional. Soon after, we fall into uncontrollable cycle of external addiction. What are we addicted to? Basically everything; Food, exercise, cigarettes, drugs, computers, smart phones, work, illnesses, emotional pain, love, sex – everything!

How do you get out of it? Go inside! After many years of practicing self-love at different levels of existence; body & mind, the source of internal love becomes eternal.  Where do you start? The first step is listening to your body. For me the body is home for my soul. Through the body I live and experience life. Without the body I had no means to live and experience, therefore, the body is immeasurably important.

Instead of hating yourself to death, choose to love yourself to life! It’s simpler than you think!

How do you connect to your body? There are several methods; Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, guided imagery, breathing, physical activity, music, art and more.

Let’s start with one simple exercise of Mindfulness (conscious attention or attentive awareness) – the focus of mindfulness exercises is at this present moment. The exercise can be performed sitting or lying down at any time of the day, as you wake up or before bedtime.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and begin to scan your body inside out, up and down from layer to layer; skin, soft tissue, muscles, bones, internal organs. Pay attention to every sensation that arises; stress and tension; observe your thoughts. Use your breath as an anchor whenever thoughts sweep you away from the body. The keywords are attention and observation. Even if the thoughts are negative, let them rise, pass, and return to breathing and scanning your body – without analysing or judging. Just let whatever arises – be!

Do that for few minutes at the beginning, and increase the time range each day. After a few weeks of practice, the connection to the body will feel easier, immediate and natural. Listening to the body will feel easy and effortless. Your self-focus will become clearer, as well as your mental and emotional clarity.


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