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‘Self-love Training’ is a program I’ve created with the intention to share practical tools with people who wish to be connected with them sshutterstock_117705853elves from a source of love, creative power and self-healing.

This program offers an alternative method to other accepted therapies around the world in treating depression, anxiety, stress and addictions – through learning self-love at all levels of existence; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

The program was created through my life experiences which lead to self-healing, and it is offered in private therapy sessions or group therapy workshops.

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Recent Testimonials

Easy and practical self-love journey!

"I originally saw Tammy for Remedial/deep tissue massage. As we progressed I realised our visits were much more then that. Tammy is extremely intuitive and together we began a journey of self love that not only assisted me to heal my emotional and physical pain but also resulted in a increase in my self awareness and esteem. Tammy was able to facilitate and hold a safe space for me, which  allowed me to forge ahead on my own self love adventure. I find the tools Tammy taught me extremely useful and easy to incorporate into my daily life as I continue to evolve. I have grown immensely  as a person and now own my own "personal power" that radiates from my divine feminine heart space. Words can not fully express my gratitude for Tammy and her unique gifts".

M.W - March, 2017.

"Spiritual fast track" Program!

"Tammy is a truly gifted healer! We worked on my physical, mental, emotional and energetic issues. Doing the Self Love work with her really helped me identify many of my false inner truths, see how they were affecting me and learn how to address them. It was like being on a "spiritual fast track" program! What I learned has helped me, and motivated me, to work on my own, on what will continue to be my life long project - myself! Thanks so much for your magic Tam".

S.H - May, 2017
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